Mind Over Mood

Mind Over Mood

Learning to Make Decisions From Your Mindset and Not Your Mood

I’ve been in a women’s Bible study at my church for the last eight years. I always enjoy my time there and there are always new things to learn but I’ve been studying the Bible long enough that I wouldn’t say the revelations are deeply profound anymore. Well… usually that’s true. The other day I read a statement in my current study that struck me as very profound. The author of the study stated that each of these two certain Bible characters were making decisions out of their mindset rather than their mood. Now let me explain why that struck me so deeply.

As you know, I’ve been struggling with my health for quite some time. In fact, it’s been more than 25 years. I’ve learned so much about medicine in that time that I’ve been able to help a lot of people through their struggles and I can usually help myself as well but there are times, like this week, when I’m not sure if anyone other than Jesus could help me. I talk a lot on my Facebook page and in my book about my different health issues. I have a nerve condition that puts me in violent nerve pain 24/7. I’m in liver failure Because my liver is clogged. My lymphatic system is clogged as well. My kidneys are barely functioning….just to name a few issues. Everything came to a head this week. I hobbled into my doctors office today and he said that he hadn’t seen me this bad in the eight years he’s been treating me. My joints are killing me…all of them. I’m constantly having to use the bathroom. I’m not sleeping. My pain is completely unbalanced.

Inspiration From God Leads to Great Decisions

In the midst of all this, I’ve been thinking about how much I appreciate the fact that God has made me stubborn. I’ve been able to keep moving through life as best I can, even when faced with pain that would put most in the hospital. Please understand that I don’t say that to toot my own horn. It has NOTHING to do with me. Reading that statement in my Bible study book gave me a new, fresh realization that it’s ALL God. He has given me the strength and stubbornness to keep going and I think it really comes down to where your decisions come from. Are you basing your decisions on your mood? I learned a long time ago that I can’t base anything on my mood. If I did, I’d never get out of bed again. Instead, God helped me have the mindset that it’s up to me to have the best life I can have. Because of that mindset, I get up and get dressed and go to Bible study or out to the movies and I have the best life I can have. It may not be fabulous by a lot of people’s standards, but it’s a heck of a lot better than lying in bed all day.

Now, let me tell you why I write this. If I can choose to let God help me make decisions out of my mindset instead of my mood, anybody can. I’m nothing special, and this applies to more than just health. I know there are a lot of people out there who are dealing with terrible health issues that will totally relate to this but it also holds true in other places too. Set your mind before you go to work in the morning that the jerk in the next cubicle is no longer going to bother you. Set your mind that your dealings with that obnoxious neighbor are not going to be contentious anymore. Choose to kill them with kindness. Do you see how this paradigm shift could have some AMAZING potential?!? See… I told you it was profound. 🙂

To learn more about the amazing Bible study book I’m currently studying, please visit their website.

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